Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NI Act_Practicle Problems_53

Find out date of maturity in the following cases under NI Act :

a. A bill dated 1st January 1993 is made payable four months after date.

b. A bill, dated 30th January 1993, is made payable one month after date.

c. A bill, dated 31st July, 1993, is made payable two months after date.

d. A bill dated 1st January 1993 is payable 60 days after date.

e. A bill is payable on 28th February 1993.

f. A bill is payable thirty days after sight is presented for sight on 1st March, 1993.

g. A bill, dated 15 January, 1993, is payable three months after date.

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