Monday, December 15, 2008

Comapnies Act_Practical Problems_36

A company was registered on 1.1.2005. But the date on its certificate was wrongly put as 1.1.2004. From which date shall the company be regarded as registered ?

Practical Problems_Sales of Goods Act_1

A sells his motor car to B, one cylinder of which is slightly cracked to A's knowledge. B examined the car but failed to detect the defect at the time of purchasing the car. Later on, the defect comes to the knowledge of B. Can he rescind the sale and get back the price paid by him?

Practical Problems_Partnership Act_7

A, B, C and D are partners in a firm which has not been registered. A is wrongfully expelled from the firm by the other partners. Can he successfully bring a suit' against the other partners for damages for wrongful expulsion and declaration that he continues to be a member of the firm? What remedies if any are open to A?