Thursday, November 15, 2007

NI Act_Practicle Problems_40

A promissory note, executed on 31stJuly, 1997, is made payable 'One month after date. When does the note become payable?

3rd September, 1997. It is calculated in the following manner: Date of Execu­tion-31st July, 1997. Date of maturity-31st August + 3 days of grace = 3rd September, 1997.

NI Act_Practicle Problems_39

Ascertain the date of maturity of a bill payable 100 days after sight and which is presented for sight on 4th May, 2000.

In case of bill payable after a certain period after sight, the date of maturity is calculated by adding three days of grace to the period after which the bill is payable. In case of bills payable after sight, the period is calculated from the date when the bill is presented for sight. In case the date of maturity happens to be a public holiday including Sunday, the bill falls due for payment on the day preceding the public holiday. In the given case, the bill is made payable 100 days after sight and the same was sighted on 4th May, 2000. 100 days from 4th of May, 2000 works out to 12th of August, 2000, adding three days of grace makes the bill due for payment on 15th of August, 2000 which happens to be a public holiday. Thus, the date of maturity of the bill shall be 14th of August, 2000 unless the same is also a public holiday (including Sunday).­

NI Act_Practicle Problems_38

A of Calcutta drew a bill of exchange on B of Honkong payable sixty days after sight. The holder C kept the bill with him for five months and then presents it for acceptance before B. B in the meanwhile becomes insolvent. C sues A for payment. Will he succeed?