Saturday, January 03, 2009

Practical Problems_Sales of goods Act_3

Asha delivers some furniture to Bipasha on ‘sale or return’ basis. Bipasha then delivers the same furniture to Chitra, and Chitra further delivers it to Divya on similar basis. Before Divya could give her acceptance, furniture is suddenly destroyed by fire. Who is to bear the loss of furniture ? Give reasons.

Practical Problems_Partnership Act_9

Ajit, Baljit and Charanjit are partners in a firm carrying on money lending business. Daljit, a customer, deposits his jewellery with the firm for safe custody. Ajit and Baljit sell this jewellery and misappropriate the money. Charanjit, being a sleeping partner, has no knowledge about this sale. Now, Daljit files a suit against all the three partners. Can Charanjit be held liable ? Give reasons.

Practical Problems_Sales of Goods Act_2

Ajoy finds a mobile phone lying on a table in a Coffee House. He hands over the mobile phone to Bijoy, the manager of the Coffee House, so that the true owner can claim it back. However, no one claims the mobile phone. After sometime, Ajoy goes to Bijoy, the manager, and requests him to return the mobile phone to him. On Bijoy’s refusal, Ajoy files a suit against him for recovery of the mobile phone. Will Ajoy succeed ? Give reasons.