Friday, December 11, 2009

Practical Problems_Sales of Goods Act_10

A purchased a car for Rs.70,000 from B who had no title for it. A used the car for eight months when the true owner of the car spotted it and demanded it from A. Can the true owner get back his car and can A recover the money from B or not ?

Practical Problems_Sales of Goods Act_9

A stock of wheat was sold at an agreed price per ton. The wheat was to be weighed by the agents of the seller as also of the buyer for ascertainment of the price. A part of the wheat was weighed and carried away by the buyer’s agent but the remainder was swept away by the flood. Who will bear the loss of the remainder?

Contract Act_Practical Problems_112

Mr. Aman of Kolkata engaged Mr. Singh as his agent to buy a house in East Extension area. Mr. Singh bought a house for Rs.20 lakhs in the name of a nominee and then purchased it himself for Rs.24 lakhs. He then sold the same house to Mr. Aman for Rs.26 lakhs. Mr. Aman later comes to know the mischief of Mr. Singh and tries to recover the excess amount paid to Mr. Singh. Is he entitled to recover any amount from Mr. Singh? If so, how much? Explain.