Friday, November 14, 2008


Ray Stone, CFA, follows the Amity Paving Company for his employer. Which of the following scenarios is Stone least likely to have to disclose to his employer.

A)The fact that Stone's son worked at Amity as a laborer during the summer while in school.
B)Stone's personal relationship with the CEO of Amity.
C)Stone's ownership of Amity securities.
D)Stone's participation on Amity's board of directors.

answer : A


Pamela Gee is a portfolio manager. She is planning to establish her own money management firm. She has already informed her employer, Branford, Inc., about her plans. In her remaining time at Branford, she can:

A)solicit Branford colleagues but not Branford clients.
B)inform her current clients about her resignation and let them know how to reach her, in case any problems arise in the future.
C)prepare a list of information from Branford files that she can use for future reference in client solicitation.
D)start the registration of her new company.

answer : D