Saturday, January 24, 2009

Consumer Protection Act_Practical Problems_14

A newly-wedded couple Anand and his wife Anjali had gone to Kathmandu for their honeymoon. They could not return in time to attend the reception as the airline authorities failed to inform them about cancellation of their return flight. They lodged a complaint with the consumers’ forum for grant of compensation. However, the airlines authorities pleaded that the mistake was on the part of their agent whom the airlines authorities had informed about the cancellation of the flight. Will they succeed in getting compensation ? Give reasons in support of your answer.

Consumer Protection Act_Practical Problems_13

Chhote Lal, a customer of a bank, while waiting to deposit cash of Rs.45,000 at the bank counter was robbed of his bag containing cash by a person who confronted him with a revolver. The bank securityguard did not catch the person even when he was alerted by Chhote Lal. Chhote Lal filed a complaint with the District Forum against the bank for deficiency in service and sought relief. Will he succeed ?

FEMA_Practical Problems_11

With reference to the relevant provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and the Foreign Exchange Management Regulations, 2000, advise on
the following :
(i) Crescent Ltd. is interested in issuing shares under the Employees Stock Option Scheme to persons resident outside India.
(ii) Mozart Ltd., an Indian company, after winning the bid, intends to approach the authorised dealer for remittances towards acquisition of the foreign company.
(iii) A mutual fund, registered in India, is interested to invest in the rated bonds of a listed overseas company which has shareholding of 5% in a listed Indian company.

Competition Act_Practical Problems_3

A newspaper offered insurance cover to its existing and future subscribers without receiving any extra amount for newspaper or any premium.

Competition Act_Practical Problems_2

An advertisement in a leading newspaper stated that TV sets are being manufactured by the company in collaboration with a foreign company even though the government had not permitted any foreign collaboration for TV manufacture. Is it unfair trade practice ?

Competition Act_Practical Problems_1

A company engaged in the business of manufacture of electronic goods withholds supplies to one of its dealers for reason of delayed payments by the dealer for the goods supplied earlier. Is it unfair trade practice ?