Saturday, May 17, 2008

Provident Fund Act_Practicle Problems_18

What is the voluntary rate of Provident Fund contribution by the member?

As per the Act, the member has to contribute at the rate of 10% or 12% of his basic pay, D.A. & retaining allowance if any. In case the member wants to contribute more than this, voluntarily he can do so at any rate he desires. i.e. upto 100% of basic and D.A. But the employer is not bound to contribute at the enhanced rate.

Provident Fun Act_Practicle Problems_17

What are the modalities to be followed for payment through cheque?
The member has to open an account in the nationalised bank, scheduled bank, urban bank or post office savings bank. He has to furnish the details of bank a/c no. with the full address of the bank in application form. An advance stamped receipt has also to be annexed in the form.For receipt of pension member/claimant has to open an account only in State Bank of India or Punjab National Bank.