Sunday, July 13, 2008

Consumer Protection Act_Practical Problems_6

I had applied for electricity connection. However, power supply was not provided to me. Can I seek redressal of my grievance in Consumer Court?
Your grievances is that you application for electricity connection was not granted. Electricity may be a service but the hiring of the service is not complete till the Electricity Board sanctions
service. Hence, you can’t approach a Consumer Court for redressal of your said grievance. Your remedy is to file a civil suit in the Court of law against the Electricity Board.

Consumer Protection Act_Practical Problems_5

The transformer, which was supplying electricity to me, got burned and was replaced by the department after about two months. However, However I was billed with consumption charges. Am I liable to pay any such charges when there was no consumption of electricity by me?

When the electricity was not supplied and the electricity bills produced by you showed that there was no consumption of electricity by you and admittedly the reason for that was burning
of the transformer, you are not liable to pay any minimum charges.