Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Practical Problems_Partnership Act_14

A, B and C are partners in a Partnership firm. They were carrying their business successfully for the past several years. Spouses of A and B fought in ladies club on their personal issue and A's wife was hurt badly. A got angry on the incident and he convinced C to expel B from their partnership firm. B was expelled from partnership without any notice from A and B. Considering the provisions of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 state whether they can expel a partner from the firm?

Practical Problems_Partnership Act_13

A, B, and C are partners in a trading firm. A ,without the knowledge or consent of B and C, borrows Rs. 10,000 from D, a customer of the firm, in the name of the firm. A then buys some goods for his personal household use with that borrowed money. Can D hold B and C liable for the loan?