Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bonus Act_Practical Problems_35

Skypark Wooden Toys Limited was established at Kolkata in the year 2005 employing 5 100 workmen. Since then the company suffered the losses, but minimum bonus was paid in the accounting years of 2006 and 2007. In the accounting year 2008 the company earned huge profits. After mitigating the previous losses the company is having surplus profits and wants to pay the bonus to its workmen. Skypark Wooden Toys Limited wants the legal advice on the following issues :
(a) How much minimum and maximum bonus may be paid to the workmen ?
(b) Whether the company may adjust the puja bonus already paid to the workmen while calculating the amount of bonus payable to workmen of that accounting year.
(c) Company wants to give wooden toys as bonus instead in cash. Whether the Company can do so ?
Advice the Skypark Wooden Toys Limited, stating the provisions of the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

(a) Payment of minimum bonus and maximum bonus : -
Every employer shall be bound to pay to every employee in respect of every accounting year, minimum bonus which shall be 8.33% of the salary or wages earned by the employee during the accounting year or Rs.100, whichever is higher whether or not the employer has any allocable surplus in the accounting year. But if the employee has not completed 15 years of age at the beginning of the accounting year he will be entitled to a maximum bonus which shall be 8.33% of the salary or wage during the accounting year Rs.60, whichever is higher. In view of much minimum bonus, be bound to pay to every employee in respect of that accounting year bonus which shall be an amount in proportion to the salary or wage earned by the employee during the accounting year subject to a maximum 20% of such salary or wage.

(b) As per 17 of payment of bonus act, 1965, if in an accounting year, an employer has paid any pooja bonus or other customary bonus to employee or has paid a part of bonus payable under the act before the date on which such bonus becomes payable, the employer may deduct this amount from the final bonus payable. But the amount may be deducted only from the bonus of that accounting year.

(c) Section 19 says that all amounts payable to employee shall be paid in cash no bonus shall be paid to employees in the form other than cash. Hence, company can’t give wooden lays as bonus instead of cash.