Sunday, August 02, 2009

Contract Act_Practical Problems_102

A writes a letter to B offering to buy his Maruti 800 car for Rs. 1,75,000 saying therein “unless I hear from you, I shall take the car to be mine for Rs. 1,75,000”. B gives no reply but sells the car to C. A. seeks your advice whether he can file a suit against B for damages on account of breach of contract. Advise A.

Contract Act_Practical Problems_101

Novelty Computers (P) Ltd. Kamala Nagar, New Delhi exhibited in their showroom a computer with latest configuration and multit-media hardware and attached to it a price tag of Rs. 27,999 (inclusive of all taxes). X visits the showroom of the company and tenders a cash amount of Rs. 27,999 for the purchase of the said computers. The company, however, refuses to sell the computer saying that it has only one piece and that too has already been sold to someone else. Discuss whether X can compel the company to sell him the computer.