Friday, January 11, 2008

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_70

S knew that on account of his criticism of the plays in the past, he would not be allowed entry to the performance of a play at the theatre. The managing director of the theatre gave instructions that no ticket should be sold to S. S, however, obtained a ticket through one of his friends. On being refused admission to the theatre, he sued for damages for breach of contract. Discuss the legal position.

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_69

A woman by falsely misrepresenting her to be wife of a well-known Baron (a millionaire), obtained two pearl necklaces from a firm of jewellers on the pre­text of showing them to her husband before buying. She pledged them with a broker, who in good faith paid her Rs 1,00,000. A suit was filed by the jeweller against the broker. Discuss the legal position.

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_68

X entered into a contract for the hiring of a room for witnessing the coronation procession of Edward VII. Unknown to both the parties, the procession had already been cancelled. Is this contract valid?

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_67

P inquired about the price of rifles from H suggested that he might buy fifty lifles. On receiving the quotation, P telegraphed “Send three rifles”. But be­cause of the mistake of the telegraph authorities, the message transmitted was “Send the rifles”. H despatched fifty rifles. P accepted three rifles and re­turned the remaining forty-seven rifles. Is this agreement valid?

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_66

X offers to sell a painting to Y which X knows is the copy of a well-known master piece. Y, thinking that the painting is the original one, decides to buy it at a very high price. Is this a valid contract?