Thursday, December 06, 2007

Contract Act_Practical Problems_59

Miss.Chitra, a singer, enters in to a contract with the manager of Bangalore Gate Club, to sing in the Club for two concerts every week during the next two months and the club agrees to pay her at the rate of Rs.2000 for each concert. On the seventh concert Miss.Chitra willfully absents herself. With the assent of the manager of the club, Miss.Chitra sings for the eighth concert. But on the following day, the club, puts an end to the contract. Can Miss.Chitra claim damages for breach of contract? Advise .

On the seventh Concert when Miss.Chitra willfully absents herself, the club is at liberty to put an end to the contract. If Miss.Chitra sings on the eighth Concert with the consent of the club. The club has signified its acquiescence in the continuance of the contract and cannot now put an end to it. The club is entitled to compensation for the damage sustained because of Miss.Chitra’s
failure to sing on the seventh concert. If the club puts an end to the contract, Miss.Chitra can
claim damages for breach of contract [Section 39 of The Indian Contract Act, 1872)].

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