Thursday, December 06, 2007

Contract Act_Practical Problems_58

Mr. X, is employed as a cashier on a monthly salary of Rs.2,000 by ABC bank for a period of three years. Y gave surety for X’s good conduct. After nine months, the financial position of the bank deteriorates. Then X agrees to accept a lower salary of Rs.1,500/- per month from Bank. Two months later, it was found that X has misappropriated cash since the time of his appointment. What is the liability of Y?

If the creditor makes any variance (i.e. change in terms) without the consent of the surety, then
surety is discharged as to the transactions subsequent to the change. In the instant case Y is
liable as a surety for the loss suffered by the bank due to misappropriation of cash by X during the first nine months but not for misappropriations committed after the reduction in salary. [Section 133, Indian Contract Act, 1872].

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