Saturday, January 19, 2013


I don't go to bars, I don't even drink,
But still, I would like to have a drink!

I am not even sad, nor do I have any pains,
Still I want to mix this, within my veins,
I like it because, it makes me drain,
Makes me forget things, I m regretting again and again,
So fill my glass, mix it with soda again!

I don't know, if its made with grains,
I just know, it affects peoples brains,
Gives a feeling like, in moving trains,
gives your eyes, feeling like rains,
So let me have a drink again!!

let me drink, till I don't find my house,
Enter it, kill that ugly mouse,
Who tore my wifes silk blouse,
Proving me guilty, made me rouse,
So fill my glass with soda again,
And let me have a drink again!!

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