Saturday, May 02, 2009

Companies Act_Practical Problems_77

Out of the powers exercisable by the Board under Section 292, the board wants to
delegate to the Managing Director of the company the power to borrow monies otherwise than on debentures. Advise whether such a delegation is possible? Would your answer be different, if the delegation is given to the manager or any other principal officer including a branch officer of the company?

It has been held in [P. Rangaswami Reddiar and Another vs. R. Krishnaswami Reddiar and another (1971) 43 Comp. Case 232] that where borrowing is permissible under the company’s articles and moneys were borrowed on promissory notes, such transaction would come within the powers of the director. It has also been held in the same case that where a person was appointed as the managing director of the company by the Board’s resolution vested with full powers of the management of the affairs of the company and authorised to sign all the papers of the company, he would have full powers to borrow money on a promissory note even without a resolution of the Board as contemplated by Section 292(c) of the Act.

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