Thursday, October 02, 2008

Practical Problems_Contract Act_85

Ajay induced Anil to buy his car saying that it was in a very good condition. After taking the car, Anil complained that there were many defects in the car. Ajay proposed to get it repaired and promised to pay 50% cost of repairs. After a few days, the car did not work at all. Now Anil wants to rescind the contract. Decide giving reasons.

The aggrieved party, in case of misrepresentation by the other party, can avoid or rescind the contract [Section 19, Indian Contract Act, 1872]. The aggrieved party loses the right to rescind the contract if he, after becoming aware of the misrepresentation, takes a benefit under the contract or in some way affirms it. Accordingly in the given case Anil could not rescind the contract, as his acceptance to the offer of Ajay to bear 50% of the cost of repairs impliedly amount to final acceptance of the sale

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