Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Patent Act_35

What is the cost of filing a PCT application?

The schedule of fees is as given below
1. (a) Basic fee up to 30 sheets of a patent application (Approx. Rs. 19,500) : 650 Swiss francs (b) Basic fee for a patent application having more than 30 sheets : 650 Swiss francs plus; sheet in excess of 30 sheets : 15 Swiss francs for each
2. (a) Designation fee if designation is less than 11 designation: 150 Swiss francs per (b) Designation fee if designation is more than 11: 1650 Swiss francs
3. Handling fee: 233 Swiss francs
4. Search fees are additionally payable
5 All fees payable are reduced by 75% for applications filed by any applicant who resides in a PCT Contracting State where the per capita national income is below 3000 US dollars. If there are several applicants, each must satisfy the criterion. It may be noted that no concessions are available in the national phase or regional phase applications; respective fees in these phases will have to be paid by the applicant.

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