Monday, June 09, 2008

Contract Act_Practicle Problems_73

A hires a carriage enough of B and agrees to pay Rs. 500 as hire charges. The carriage is unsafe, though B is unaware of it. A is injured and claims compensation for injuries suffered by him. B refuses to pay. Discuss the liability of B.

In case of a non-gratuitous bailment, the bailor is liable to disclose all the faults whether known to him or not. Accordingly, the bailor shall be liable for damages for any loss caused to the bailee whether or not he was aware of the faults.

In the the given case the hire of carriage of B by A amounts to non-gratuitous bailment. Therefore, it was the duty of B to disclose to A that the carriage was unsafe. It is immaterial as to whether or not B was aware of the fact that the carriage was unsafe. A is entitled to claim compensation from B.

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