Thursday, December 13, 2007

NI Act_Practicle Problems_50

B signs the following endorsements on different negotiable instruments pay­able to bearer. Classify the endorsements with reasons as Blank Endorsement or Full Endorsement or Restrictive Endorsement or Partial Endorsement or Conditional Endorsement. Also, state whether the following Endorsements are valid or invalid.

a. No other words except B's signature.
b. Pay C.
c. Pay C or order.
d. Pay C only.
e. Pay C or order for the account of B.
f. Pay C or order Rs 500 out of Rs.1,000.
g. Pay C or order being the unpaid residue of the bill.
h. Pay C or order on safe receipt of goods.
i. Pay C sans Recourse.
j. Pay C sans Frais.
k. Pay C, notice of dishonour dispensed with.

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